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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

party look makeover

  1. -Volumizing mascara (dot) 3sd
  2. -Flame red lipstick(dot) 8 sd
  3. -Techno goth eye-pencil (dot) 7 sd
  4. -Cashmere rose blush (dot) 8 sd
  5. black fluid eye liner (dot) 3 sd

Cheek out is: 29 sd (I know its alot but it could help you win cover girl and it looks amazing)

see me at my stardoll suite Missrrrrqqqq
byeee xxx

Here is how the look is amazing!

More zoomed in 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Model winners 29-7-2012

Hannahsocute306 suite,

Model winners

Here they are with me in the middle don't they look great :L well they are amazing :)

Today I got  2 winners on my model party and its great to have more models and i give
 amazing prices
here they are with some pics showing them because they are amazing. xx

This is the prizes I give 4 gifts if you win,
you get to be in  my album,
and this my blog,

2nd you get 2 gifts,

3rd 1 gift 

If you want to see me so u know when i will be doing the party's comment or visit me on stardoll Missrrrrqqqq
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Miss Sporty Nail Polish Shop
(btw the nails are great and they stand out a lot
which is amazing) 

Free Latern, Vase and Torch :)

1)Log in stardoll and Go to this link:,44588,44698
2)Put the items in your shopping cart and Buy for 0sc
Items should be in a Starplaza box your suite
*You can re-visit the link and buy them more times :D

Hey everyone i am BACK

Hello everyone and i am back to my blog again but i need your help>>

Hello all are stardoll friends I would just like to say thanks you for all the people who are following this blog by email but we would love for others to come forward and join the blog not only by email.But by joining with a google account because it would help us a lot and we do need your help to do most of that work.

Writers:Because this is a new blog we would love if people who would like to write on this blog come forward because it would help us a lot because there is only 2 writers and we would LOVE to get more and plus its great fun
Being a writer and doing what you are doing its also a great way to make lots
of friends all over the world.

Blog posts:Just a quick word about this sometimes we may forget to post something
or we may be away it we do try to be online every time to give you all the free things and
more .

You would need and it dose not help if you are not following this 

but in the looks
of it so many of you have google account but can just not be bothered to join and
it can be hard to be online thinking you have no followers.

If you would like to no more and have a stardoll or google account vist me:

Missrrrrqqqq (stardoll)

Sunday, 15 July 2012

free covergirl item

1. Log in to Stardoll
2. Go to this page:
3. Scroll down and on the -Enter your Gift Code- section, paste this code:
4. Click the Redeem button
The handbook should be in a Starplaza bag in your suite :) 

stardoll chat

Use the chat on the Stardoll Access app to catch up with your online friends!

New Bonjour Bizou Collection

Seashell inspired 

The Millionaire Mansion

The fourth luxury suite collection is here! It's the same things as the Beach Villa and the Alpine Chalet (two large rooms with different add-ons) but with a new theme. You can buy it in Suite Shop for 249 stardollarsand there's also new, high quality furnitures to match the new theme.
You can find those either in the Suite Shop or in it's own Decor store in Starplaza.
As you can see you now have to reached a certain level to be abel to buy the different suites. 
Do you like it? 

nicholas Kirkwood Tribute - Last Chance

The store will be removed in three days so get what you want while you still have the chance!

level up

I am loveing the new stardoll becaues its great to level up and you can unlock new things cool