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Thursday, 17 May 2012


Hello all are stardoll friends I would just like to say thanks you for all the people who are following this blog by email but we would love for others to come forward and join the blog not only by email.But by joining with a google account because it would help us a lot and we do need your help to do most of that work.

Writers:Because this is a new blog we would love if people who would like to write on this blog come forward because it would help us a lot because there is only 2 writers and we would LOVE to get more and plus its great fun
Being a writer and doing what you are doing its also a great way to make lots
of friends all over the world.

Blog posts:Just a quick word about this sometimes we may forget to post something
or we may be away it we do try to be online every time to give you all the free things and
more .

You would need and it dose not help if you are not following this 

but in the looks
of it so many of you have google account but can just not be bothered to join and
it can be hard to be online thinking you have no followers.

If you would like to no more and have a stardoll or google account vist me:

Missrrrrqqqq (stardoll)


  1. I used to be on stardoll to, a long time ago, that was really fun !
    Come to see my blog too ;)


    1. Thanks I will plz join mine too as I will see yours