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Saturday, 15 December 2012


This light purple outfit is beautiful for a casual walk in autumn/ winter!  If you like purple, then this outfit is something to get in your wardrobe. Unfortunately, this outfit is for superstars and royalty only, as the top and coat is in stardollars. But if you don’t like those two items, then the jeans and incredibly cheap shoes, are available for anybody.

The Multi Ruffle jacket costs 11stardollars, and is a great fashionista look when you have it. With the models long ‘wild’ hair, the jacket looks really well, and pulls the outfit together.

Pretty ’n’ love’s Pink Dotted Tank Top is not pink at all, so I don’t know why they called it Pink! Anyway, this tank top hangs down, and has a very detailed top which draws the eye to the top which is where the entire colour is. Without the jacket, it is great just on its own, in the spring/ summer season.

The jeans from Bonjour Dizou are only 5 starcoins!!!Very cheap, and a must have. Not only because of how cheap they are, but of the colour. You can slip them on with any top and jacket, and it will work!

And last but not least, the 2 starcoins Coral Ballet Pumps which again, is a bargain. If you don’t want the pumps in Coral, then go to the Basics shop, where there is a variety of colours to choose from!


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