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Friday, 9 March 2012


Hello everyone my name is missrrrrqqqq as you can see here  
I am on stardoll all the time and this is my new blog and i would love people to join cuz its a bit hard to make a blog when you have good blogs out there you know what I mean.This blog is about fabulous fashion on stardoll which i just love.I hope that you will join i know my blog dose not look that fancy but I just started to give it so time but I will get started as soon as I can.Also it would help if you told your friends about this blog cuz I do want to make it big so people go on it. 
Writers: Because this is a new blog I will need some writers I will understand if you can not becaues of school and all that cuz I have school to I am just on my week off but it would help me so if you want to go on stardoll and tell me on this accountMissrrrrqqqq and add me on stardoll/bloger google accounts to it would help to become one.

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