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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Outfit of the week #1

 Hi I’m Elena, the new writer at Detective Stardoll! Every week I am going to design an outfit which is currently available to buy. There will be pictures, and a price tag to show you where to get it, and how much the item is. I will try and do a variety of Stardollars and Starcoins outfits, so that non-superstars and superstars can buy an outfit!

 So, this week’s outfit, is a casual girly look, and is a starcoins outfit which you will be glad to here! The picture of Miss.Gold1997 (me :)) wearing it...
 The shoes are from Pretty’n’Pink, and are only 3 Starcoins! They are so beautiful, and will go with anything. They are very cheap, so you may as well treat yourself and your wardrobe to an expensive looking pair of ballet flats!

If you are looking for this gorgeous lace top, go to search and type in Grey top, and then the price of it. It should come up.  I love this top as it looks really girly and pretty on!

These skinny jeans are a classic, and if you haven’t got them already, then buy them! They are an essential that every wardrobe has a pair of them, mainly because you need skinny jeans, and they make the outfit complete if you don’t want to wear shorts/ a skirt or leggings...

Let us know what you think of this outfit, whether you hate it, love it, or if you got some of the items. Just post below! It will only take a minute!



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