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Saturday, 21 April 2012

It's Summer time!

So, to start the summer, I have designed a simple outfit to show you guys! Hope you like it...

So, lets talk about the sunglasses! Being on a tropical beach, if you have a Beach Villa, these are the glasses to get! They are 9 stardollars, and come from Spectacular shop. They are beautiful glasses, and will certainly make your friends jealous!

The swimsuit is from Riviera and costs 8 stardollars which is a lot cheaper than it looks. I love the crazy, random deisgn of blues and whites. It is certainly summery and a must-have!

The belt is from Riviera as well and costs 49 starcoins! I have used this belt for other outfits, where I contrast colours and stuff like that!

So, there is the summer outfit, but most certainly not the last! Hope you like it, and hurry to the shops to get the stuff! 

That is all for now,

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