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Saturday, 28 April 2012

New hair shop


Hello stardollies

As you can all see this is the new shop called Tress up And its new and cool because they only sell hair for superstars and non-superstars so get your copy now girls when its still there becaues even tho its new stardoll love closeing down are good shops like folk a shop that everyone one loved.

As you can all see this is how the beautiful new shop looks and I think it looks great becaues there not like the wigs girls sell on stardoll now even tho there very nice and good looking I think ther are about 12 wigs therein the shop but they are solded for stardollors I know right aww but you could start doing stardollers offers which is a great to get more money.

Here is where to find it, if you have got one as you can see its in your beauty palor under hair so that you can put it on and have a great time rocking it come on stardollies we need to look good.

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