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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pick of the day and what to were it with

This is the pick of the day as you can see and I just love it
so today I will be telling you what you could were with
the dress to make it look better all eyes on you stardollies.

1.The pick of the day dress in the shop bonjour bizou and its called hot buys bird dress its 19 stardollors

2.The boots is from the shop pretty N pink and its called purple lace up boots its 65 starcoins 

3.The tights is from bonjour bizou and its called midnigt
flowers tights its 61 starcoins

4.The earrings is from epiphany and its called diamond wave earrings and its 20 stardollors

I know its a lot of money but if you save up and do
stardoll offers it will be ok and if you are a super star  even better.


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